Ville Alanen (50), MBA, has been appointed as the CEO of Vekka Group

Ville Alanen has been appointed as the CEO of Vekka Group, effective from May 4, 2023. Alanen has previously worked as the CEO of companies such as Secto Automotive Oy and 3StepIT Oy. Tomi Vasiljev will continue as a significant shareholder in the company and focus on board work and the development of contract traffic.

Tomi Vasiljev (29) started as the company’s CEO in 2019. Vasiljev became a significant shareholder in the company in 2020, after which he led the company to significant growth. During Vasiljev’s tenure as CEO, the number of buses has increased from two to three hundred, and the turnover has grown to 30 million euros.

The change in the CEO position is driven by new growth goals and strategies set by the owners. Alanen brings a fresh perspective, especially in the development of processes, leadership, and structures, with the aim of improving the overall service experience.

“Vekka Group has already taken the lead in Finnish public transportation. For example, over 70% of our traffic is already carried out with renewable energy sources. ESG will be at the forefront as we build more responsible solutions Finland,” says Alanen about his role as the new CEO.

“At this stage of development, the change in CEO will certainly take our business to the next level. Alanen is the right person for the current growth phase of the company. In the future, I will focus on public transport and upcoming M&A projects,” says Vasiljev regarding the change in the CEO position.

For more information, please contact:

Tomi Vasiljev
Vekka Group Oy
045 2286 335

Ville Alanen, CEO
Vekka Group Oy
050 533 3222

Jere Salmelainen, Chairman of the Board
Vekka Group Oy
0400 406 400

Vekka Group Oy, with a history of over 90 years, is a significant Finnish transportation group that operates nationwide in bus, regional, school, and charter transportation. Vekka Group’s customer promise is to provide its customers with the best journey on the market. Vekka Group also includes its subsidiary companies Miodex Oy and Lehtimäen Liikenne Oy.