Retro bus

The fully restored Retro bus from 1960 is a splendid classic vehicle for special events and occasions like weddings, anniversaries or corporate events in spring, summer and autumn.

Nicknamed as the Camel for its exterior, Büssing TU 4500 Emmelman offers a memorable ride – a breath of fresh air from the 1960s. Its career as a charter bus started in Europe, taking passengers from Hamburg and Basel to Rome and Paris. The passengers were Finns who had arrived in Europe by air.

The Camel came back to Finland in 1963 and continued serving charters and operating as a public transport backup during rush hours. After ten years of solid service the bus was sold into private ownership, got converted into a motor home and travelled a million more kilometres all over Europe.

In 1980-1990 the Suomen Turistiauto restored the bus to its former glory. Today, the fully restored and overhauled 35 seat tourist bus is creating everlasting memories on smart shorter charters.

TU 4500 is the only preserved specimen in the whole wide world. The authentic appearance of the Camel has been rewarded with plenty of attention from the bus fans and the vehicle has done well at several retro bus beauty contests.


Frame: Büssing TU 4500
Home: Emmelman
Length: 9.9 m, width: 2.3 m, height: 3.1 m
Gross weight: 10 655 kg
Engine: V6, 5.43 l (110 hv)
Top speed: app. 100 km/h


No equipment
For 1 - 35 persons

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